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Frequently Asked Questions


Our patio has grass and moss growing in the cracks and the brick pavers are looking dirty. Can you make it look new again?

YES! We can power wash brick, remove debris, and  re apply sealant. Stains can often be removed. Good as new!


Can I see a picture of what my new landscape project is going to look like before I decide?

YES, for a fee we will work up design option sketches and if necessary a final drawing or 3D rendering will be presented. Any designs going forward with our company for installation will be credited back the cost of the design, upon final payment.


Can I get an estimate for free?

Most of the time YES, for services such as mowing, pruning, mulching, weeding and other maintenance tasks. Larger projects and jobs require a minimal fee for consultation. Our professional designers and educated professionals want to give you all the time you need to make sure not only are you  getting exactly what you want, but that the correct steps are taken to ensure the integrity of the project.


Do you cut down big trees?

No, sorry we do not take down large trees. We use all hand tools and small equipment. We do not want to damage your beautiful turf with heavy duty equipment! If you have a smaller tree that can be safely removed, away from personal property, we can help.


I have sitting water sometimes in my yard, sometimes it looks like a small pond. The mosquitos are awful in the summer time! Can you help?

YES! Not only do we install drainage systems, perforated pipe, and french drains to direct water away from your house or other problem areas, but we can plant flowers that will send those buggers flying!


I am worried about pesticides. Are they really safe around my children and pets?

The products we normally use in our fertilizing program are not harmful but do require no entry for 24 hours. Once your property has been on a managed program, over time it will require less chemicals to maintain (ex.weed control). We also will mark your lawn in several locations with yellow flags to remind you we were there, and leave a turf forum to let you know what was applied in detail, that day.


Do you do house power washing?

NO, sorry we cannot. But we do pressure wash decks and patios.



Don't see your question here?? Feel free to ask us anytime 24/7 via email at:


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