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We take care of your lawn and landscape like it is our own, and with a smile!

We stand behind our service and guarantee you will be satisfied with our results. If you ever have a question or concern, we encourage you to bring it to us, anytime! We respond to e-mail and voice mail within 48 hours!

Professional Mowing & Trimming

We are surely a cut above the rest, with our meticulous lawn services! Even the most particular of turf enthusiasts would agree, our clients' lawns are the finest in the area! We are turf professionals, that know what it takes to turn around a lawn. We utilize industry standards, and have procured our own innovative practices, providing maintenance solutions like no other. Combined with our signature fertilizing service, you can sit back and enjoy being the envy of your neighborhood!

Lawn & Weed control Programs

Our signature fertilizing service is exclusive to our Lawn Maintenance Program clients. The perfect timing and combination of services is essential in maintaining a lush and green lawn. Clients recieve a free lawn analysis, to determine the appropriate program required to achieve the desired results.  A custom program is tailored to meet the individual property needs, and is all inclusive of problems including turf insects. Each application is followed with a detailed fact sheet on your service, with precautions as necessary.  Organic methods are also available, please inquire.    "We Guarantee Our Results!"

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Keep the property as a whole looking sharp by freshly manicuring wispy shrubs and overgrown trees. We shape, we hand prune or hedge trim, whatever the job calls for! We care about the health of your landscape, and can walk through your property with you, to show you where our healthy cuts should be made. Pruning can be helpful not only to clean appearances  but also provide air circulation for healthier growth, while inhibiting disease and insect problems. Poor cutting can lead to lack of flowering or fruiting, and invite disease and other issues. No need to worry, we have you covered under Green Eagle's wings!         

Spring & Fall Clean-ups

The ultimate in spring cleaning! Give your lawn a great start and a fresh look with our thorough spring clean-up. We go through every nook and cranny to remove any debris the wind and winter has brought to your property. We power rake the entire property to remove the thatch and improve aeration for a lush lawn! Your first lawn cutting is also included.


In most cases your fall clean-up will consist of two visits. In its entirety, all annuals will be removed, perennials cut down, final lawn mowing, and removal of all leaves and debris from lawn and beds.

Weeding, Bed Detailing, Edging & Mulching

Landscape beds finely maincured and looking their best, so you can enjoy your weekend! We are knowledgable gardeners that pull the weeds and not your precious plants! Deadheading spent flowers, bloom booster treatments and perennial maintenance keep your gardens always looking beautiful. We also watch carefully for insect and disease pressures before its too late! 


Our Premium Mulch jobs start with cutting a clean edge to prevent grass from growing into your beds. We use clean, locally ground mulches that are free of debris and large pieces of bark. Mulching has many benefits including retaining moisture for your plantings, preventing weed growth, and moderating soil temperature to protect roots from harsh heat or freezing temperatures.





Everything else...

There is really almost nothing we cannot do! We love all things green and outdoors, so just ask us if there is something you do not see here. Check out our Specialty services page for more!


  • start up sprinkler system for season

  • repair steps, sunken walkways, fallen walls

  • remove leaves from most gutters

  • water your flower pots while you're away

  • spruce up for an outdoor picnic or event

  • cut brush, clean woodlines

  • deer repellent and fencing

  • organic plant pest control

  • decorative pottery

  • Accent fences, arbors, pergolas, and more!

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