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Specialty Services! Just ask us what we can do for you!

Professional and friendly staff that take pride in making your dreams come true!
Custom Event Services

Weddings, Corporate Events, Formal Dances, School Graduations  and Parties are not the same without beautiful photos! We work with you in your indoor or outdoor setting to create a simple or stunning background. Your color theme can be incorporated into planters, flower pots, centerpieces and more! We can create areas for photograhy, or even centerpieces for tables. They light up the space, add life, and beauty! Call to speak to one of our specialists about planning your next event!

waterfalls and water features

The sound of trickling water...a peaceful sound to relax to as you enjoy a summer afternoon. A small water fall into your pool or in the corner of your yard, to large 15 foot waterfalls, we can turn dry land into running water!  Natural stone or man made, you decide on the features and we take care of all the details! Ponds with water lilies and even live fish! Blub blub!

interior plantscapes

When you have your home filled with various plants, you are systematically cleaning the air of harmful pollutants. Not only are they beautiful  and has aesthetic qualities, but interior plants can improve how you feel, and your quality of life! We will walk through the process, help you select suitable plants for your space and install them for you. We can provide a maintenance plan for you to follow, or we can maintain them. Ask our specialist for more details on this very beneficial specialty service!

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